The strategic approach calls for work on three fronts to simultaneously improve (1) Tertiary Agricultural and Natural Resources Education (TANRE) in higher institutions of learning, (2) the context and links of TANRE with rural and entrepreneurial development objectives, and (3) the relevance of TANRE through applied research and development (R&D) benefiting small-farmer households in rural areas. The three areas are interlinked, as shown in Figure 2.

The 3-pronged approach is the core of ANAFE’s operational mandate, relating especially to outcome-level achievement. At the same time and importantly, it is recognised there are critical supplementary actions and themes that must be addressed if impacts are to be attained. The 3-pronged approach is thus “surrounded” by strategic focus areas of key interventions related to:

  • Advocacy related to policy and enabling environment
  • Women and youth in agriculture and natural resources management
  • Sound environmental practices
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Job creation and Income generation
  • Information dissemination and learning
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk management
  • Continual strengthening of the ANAFE network