Partnerships/Collaboration opportunities Required
ANAFE has had many achievements as listed above, and is very anxious to scale up the activities and programmes that have been proved very vital to improving the delivery of quality agricultural, Forestry, Agroforestry and Natural resources education for better socioeconomic benefits to the African peoples, and sustainable agricultural management and conservation of Africa’s natural resources, and the environment. ANAFE wishes to collaborate, partner or be supported to:

  1. Increase access to quality tertiary agricultural, agroforestry, forestry and the related natural resources education and training through student’s internships and research fellowships
  2. Enhance participation of youth and women in agricultural, agroforestry, forestry and the related natural resources entrepreneurial activities through business and entrepreneurship skills development, and business incubation fellowships/grants
  3. Build national robust systems and farmer level capacity to withstand different shocks and stresses that can potentially impact on agricultural, forestry and the related natural resources transformative management initiatives
  4. Enhance the appeal and relevancy of tertiary agricultural, forestry and the related natural resources education through reviews of existing programmes and development of new curricula in areas/disciplines with identified training needs
  5. Facilitate the integration of the contents of the developed curricula into ongoing training programmes in Colleges and Universities
  6. Develop relevant teaching materials for the reviewed and developed curricula
  7. Retool lecturers and development workers for efficient delivery of the developed curricula contents through training in emerging issues, and pedagogy and andragogy
  8. Assist educations institutions in addressing governance and leadership challenges for better delivery of training programmes
  9. Strengthen linkages between education, research and industry for relevant training and innovation.
  10. Develop/review institutional and national policies to promote quality and relevant TANRE in African countries
  11. Promote North – South collaboration of African and European universities and colleges to benefit from the related synergies