General Objective of ANAFE

The General objective of ANAFE is “to improve in a sustainable manner, the contribution of agricultural, forestry and the related natural resources education and training to social and economic development of the African peoples”.

Specific objectives

  1. To facilitate/guide the transformation of land and natural resources use education programmes, as well as teaching and learning processes into a more integrative and effective approaches to solving development problems in Africa.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of institutions of learning in land and natural resources use sciences and technology in Africa, and develop mechanisms that enhance and sustain collaboration between institutions, and with other stakeholders.
  3. To enhance the understanding and application of working principles and practices that promote synergy among experts in all branches of land and natural resources use, and facilitate better reach to stakeholders.
  4. To put in place effective mechanisms for participatory monitoring and evaluation of Africa’s agricultural and natural resources management capacity, and develop and implement responsive strategies.