ANAFE major areas of focus: Over the past years, the major areas of focus for ANAFE have been:

  1. Promoting sustainable management of agriculture, agroforestry and natural resources through skilling of managers, entrepreneurs, farmers extension and development workers, and other stakeholders
  2. Enhancing the appeal and relevancy of agriculture, agroforestry, and natural resources management education and training, through curricula reviews, development of contextual learning materials and improving programmes delivery and environments.
  3. Retooling lecturers, researchers and development workers with relevant skills and knowledge for socioeconomic transformational initiatives in Africa through sustainable management of agriculture, agroforestry, forestry and the related natural resources.
  4. Empowering youths and women to engage in sustainable agriculture, agribusiness, forestry and the related natural resources
  5. Improving Institutional governance and learning environment